1, How to get Free Vpn and SSH Premium Account?

Just Follow this service and create your own Premium account in Topvpnssh.com

2. How many device supported with the Account?

We are provide All device Supported with an Account such as; Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and Mac OS

3. How i can get VPN configuration?

You can find in the Configuration bar

4. How i Donate or Support to Topvpnssh.com?

We Doesn’t need Any Donates from you, But we need your support with;

1. Share to other people about this Website,

2. Like the Facebook Fanpage

3. Join with Facebook Group

4. Follow our Twitter

7. How long my account active after created in topvpssh.com?

Your Account will be Active for 3 or 5 days after created in Topvpnssh.com

8. What are the tools for using VPN and SSH account?

You can download the Software from official site of the software, there are:

For Windows



For iOS

Private Tunnel VPN

For Android

Openvpn Connect

For Mac OS